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TUKUAN is a wrap overskirt, in a beautiful A-line, made of luxurious materials that keep you warm when the cold weather arrives. It comes in two styles: knees-length and mid-calf-length. It covers sizes 4-14 and 14-18 thanks to a system of snaps carefully placed along the waist. This overskirt is perfect for spending winter in style, on the bike, on the way to the gym, yoga or anywhere, under your coat or worn with a jacket on a cold car seat! It will make the cold days much easier to enjoy. It also turns into a shawl once inside.

What does TUKUAN mean?

Tukuan is a word [sound] that we have created that is reminiscent of the language of the Native Americans, the First Nations people of Canada. We want to celebrate both our Canadian land and the native Americans whose presence dates back to the Paleolithic. 

The origin

Staying warm in a wintery country.

The idea of Tukuan skirt was created by a mother who lives in a wintery country. Long hours walking a lot and playing outdoors with her children made her uncomfortable in the cold. Despite even long padded coats, her lower back and thighs always ended up frozen. To get out of this discomfort, she would wrap a scarf around her waist. In 2015, she talked to her fashion designer friend about the idea of a warm wrap-style garment. Her friend thought it was a great idea. Félicité's talent as a designer allowed Tukuan overskirt to take shape as a unique and stylish garment. 

Our factory

 An ethical approach.

Our clothes are responsibly designed in the Chabanel district of Montreal, two steps from our offices. We have taken the time to develop a solid business relationship with the owner who does an excellent job with her team of qualified and fairly paid seamstresses in pleasant and stimulating conditions.

High quality

Versatile apparel made to last.

We favour strong natural fibres that are made to last a lifetime. Dry-cleaning keeps the woollen fabric intact. We have a three-year-guarantee on the snap fasteners. The TUKUAN skirt is designed to follow you on your adventures and to be passed on to your grandchildren for their future comfort and style.

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